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Parent Club Guide

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Bridlington Hockey Club Parent-Club Guide

 Most parents want their children to enjoy the sports of their choice.  These guidelines provide you with key information when selecting a club /playing opportunity for your child.  It provides you with ideas of questions to ask, and ensure that both you and your child understand the way the club works, and your roles and responsibilities. What can we expect from the club?A friendly welcome, an opportunity to meet new friends play and watch hockeyOpportunities for your child to have fun and develop their game as much as they want toA safe environmentQualified coaches and responsible volunteersRelationships based on trust, honesty and respect where your child is valued and listened toYour child’s welfare and safety is paramountClub members will recognise your child’s rights, whatever your age, gender, culture, ability, language, religious belief, racial origin, and/or sexual identity  Opportunities for you to get involved in the clubSafeguarding and Protecting Young People / Child Protection Policy and Complaints Policy are available for you on requestClear lines of communication with you about your child, fixtures, training and events What do the club expect from my child?There is a guide for young people which details the club’s expectations which include:fair play listening to the coaches adhere to the young people’s code of conductadhere to the rules of the game and rules of the club What do the club expect from me?ensure that your son/daughter is dropped off and picked up promptly from training and matchescontact the club if you are running late to collect your childadhere to the rules of the clubadhere to the codes of conduct within the club, in particular the Parents Code of Conductaccept the guidance that coaches provide and umpire’s decisions within matchesuse correct language at all timesstay off the pitch during training and matchesnever force your child to participateprovide emergency contact details and any relevant information about your child including medical history.. The Club would like you to…become involved in the club as much as possible.  This provides your child with the support to enjoy their hockeysupport the coaches by ensuring your child enjoys their hockey and plays within the rules of the gameencourage fair playencourage your child to recognise good performance, not just results 

Always CheckThe qualifications and experience of the coachesAnne Hunter Level 2 14 years, Russ Kulmbacher 3 years and Becci Jefferson 3 years Level 1 Sarah Woodcock Level 1 (1 year only) currently on the level 2 course

The ratio of adults to young people complies with EH guidance. This is xx adults to xx children

How young people are looked after if they are not playingThe club has clear codes of conduct stating expected behaviour of members, players and coachesWhat happens if there is an accident? First aid can be given by qualified first aiders, AH, RK,BJ and SW as of October 2008

The club has a child protection policy.How does the club manage any issues, which may arise i.e. bullying? In line with codes of conduct both within the club and England Hockey guidelinesCoaches and volunteers are CRB checked

Questions to seek clarificationMy child has never played hockey before; can they come along and try out a couple of sessions? Yes

When is training? Children Tuesday 7 - 8pm, Older and more experienced Children Monday 6 -  7pm

When are the matches? U12 boys Monthly for 6 months starting in October, other age groups to be arranged

What kit do we need to buy? None initially, mouthguard

Are the adults helping with the teams checked and trained? Yes

Does my child have to share changing facilities with adult players? No

Do the club have social events? Yes

How much does it cost to be a member of the club? We try to keep costs at a minimum

How are away matches organised? By the coach, you might need to drive

Is there a first aider on site? Yes

Is the club affiliated to England Hockey? Yes

Who should my child or I speak to if we have a concern? Either Anne, Russ, Becci or Sarah. 

CommunicationThe club will need to ensure they can contact if required, so they should ask you for your contact details. It is part of the hockey philosophy that you are involved in your child’s interest.  Please ensure that you build a relationship with the coach and support the club by completing all paperwork required. Communication is two way and if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s participation in hockey please talk to his/her coach. 

What do I do if I am concerned about my child’s safety, well being or behaviour?Each Club has a Welfare Officer ours is Anne Hunter

Please ask to speak with her  and explain you concernsAll concerns will be taken seriously and investigated

All concerns will be treated in the strictest confidence, with only the people who can help the situation becoming involved if required